24th March 2017

FieldED Carr fun for Red Nose Day

We’re having so much fun today dressing as Ed Sheeran and the adults as presenters of the show. This morning Lenny Henry and Jonathan Ross aka Mrs Vargasoff and Mrs Critchley, led assembly sharing videos of the teachers doing silly […]
29th March 2017

Disney hand puppets in Y2

Year 2 have been designing and making their own Disney based hand puppets. All of the class had amazing designs and worked carefully to make their puppets. 
31st March 2017

Year 5 Poetry Performances 

Year 5 finished the term with some fantastic poetry performances inspired by Benjamin Zephania….. we listened to three of his poems and then wrote our own versions, before performing them to the class on Friday to finish the term!
21st April 2017

Glee Club

After a fantastic term in Glee Club we visited Whinwood Grange sheltered housing to perform our selection of Disney songs. We performed 7 in total and then stayed for a chat, juice and biscuits with the residents. What a fantastic […]
21st April 2017

Year 5 and the Leeds United Sports Coaches

Year 5 enjoyed their first session today with the Leeds United sports coaches who will be working with us for the next 6 weeks training us up to be sports coaches in school during lunchtimes. We enjoyed our first session […]
28th April 2017

Chess and Board Games Club

Things are getting competitive in Chess and Board Games Club today!
5th May 2017

Year 4 Science, Sound

Year 4 have been learning about sound in our science topic, we found out that sound is vibrations in the air (or water, or solids). So we made string telephones to test how well sound travels in different situations e.g. […]
5th May 2017

Traction Man is here 

In Year 1 we are loving our new novel study ‘Traction Man is here’. This week we have been writing rhyming poems about Traction Man, the children have worked in groups and performed their poems to the class. Today we […]
5th May 2017

Year 2 computing

Year 2 have been learning how to take photographs using the iPads. We will be moving on to edit our work and create online portfolios. 
9th May 2017

Year 5 Science -conductors and insulators

Today in science we were looking at the definition in thermal conductors and insulators. We looked at ways in which we insulate our house and ourselves during the colder months. We then conducted and experiment to explore suitable material to […]
16th May 2017

Busy learners in FS2

Here are some photos of the amazing learners in FS2. ​​
21st May 2017

Year 4 Blitz Artwork 

This term our topic is World War II and as part of the unit we have studied The Blitz. To depict this we produced some artwork, we mixed paint to make the background and made silhouettes to show the buildings […]
21st May 2017

Year 4 University of Children Graduation, at Leeds United

Year 4 have worked closely with Matt from Leeds United, we worked hard understanding our Fieldhead Factor and demonstrating them and because of this we were lucky enough to visit Elland Road to graduate, it was truly amazing and we […]
9th June 2017

Working with Martin House Hospice

Today year 3 have been working with an artist, Sarah, from Martin House on an exciting art project to celebrate their 30th birthday. Children from Martin House and ten other schools accross Leeds have been invited to design their own […]
9th June 2017

Winners of the walk to school competition

Well done to all the children who took part in our recent walk to school competition. The children below were the lucky class winners of a personal pedometer to help carry on the healthy walking.
5th July 2017

First Aid learning

Year 3 worked with a  St John’s ambulance trainer yesterday.  We are now prepared for any medical emergency.  
5th July 2017

Healthy schools week

Here are some of the activities that year 3 have been getting up to in healthy schools week so far. Tasting herbs to help us understand how they can create flavour in our food. We we have looked at the […]
6th July 2017

Healthy Schools week

Year 1 enjoyed tasting lots of different fruits this morning provided by Ella Rose’s mum and dad – THANKYOU so much! We tried; apples, gala melon, froggie melon, avocado, passion fruit, apricots, physalis, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, red grapes, green grapes, […]
10th September 2017

A new novel for year 3

Last week year 3 explored a tunnel that had appeared in school only to find their new novel at the end if it!  Everyone was very brave entering the tunnel and there was a lot of great teamwork.  
10th September 2017

Meeting Penny in Animal club

Our first session in animal club saw us meeting Penny the tortoise who normally lives with FS1.  luckily for us one of our club had looked after Penny over the school holidays so she was able to share her knowledge […]
11th September 2017

Year 1 have been trying to solve a mystery!

Today Year 1 had to be super detectives, there was a mysterious mess in the hall and we had to look at the evidence and draw conclusions to what on earth might have happened! Here are some photos… What do […]
21st September 2017

Identifying the properties of rocks

We have been testing different types of rocks to see which one we would choose to use for a statue.  We tested the durability, permeability and density of each rock. Overall the class voted for granite or marble as their […]
25th September 2017

FS1 are having lots of fun

We have been in school a few weeks now and the children in FS1 have settled really well. They are all exploring their classroom and making new friends. For some of these children this is the first time they have […]
26th September 2017

Year 1 European Day of Languages

Today is the European Day of Languages and Year 1 has been learning about France, we have learnt to greet each other and count to 10 in French, we have taste tested French stick bread, croissants, pain au chocolat and […]
4th October 2017

Year 2 Immersion in Literacy

Today year 2 were gathering ideas for their immersion task in literacy, using the pictures around the hall to inspire their immagination and give them some inspiration for tomorrow’s plan and Fridays draft. We loved moving round the hall in […]
11th October 2017

Making Stonehenge

Together year three have re created Stonehenge.  We learnt that the horizontal stones were put together using joints that were just like Lego bricks.  
18th October 2017

Year 6 Residential – Having Fun!

19th October 2017

House construction in Year 4

Year 4 have been designing and constructing houses this week. we have built a structure using Knex and then used paper to create the walls and floors of the building. Some impressive construction work!
19th October 2017

Year 1 Black History Month

Today Year 1 celebrated Black History Month by learning about Kente fabric, weaving and printing. We looked at some real Kente cloth and looked at how it was made on a loom by weaving and had a go at designing […]
22nd October 2017

FS1 have had a wonderful first half term

We’ve all had a fabulous first half term together. The children are so engaged in their learning and there’s such a lovely buzz about the place. Some photos from the last few weeks.  
6th November 2017

Year 1 Novel Study 

Today we launched our new novel, The Owl who was afraid of the dark, we watched some videos about owls so we had a better understanding of them, then we looked at all the different species of owls there is […]
7th November 2017

Marvellous mark making in FS1

The children in FS1 have been enjoying making lots of mark recently. They are all proudly displayed on the washing line. Today they have enjoyed using the new tablet, with a press of a button the drawings disappear.    
22nd November 2017

Year 1 Learning Log Homework

One part of Year 1’s learning log homework was to create a home for a nocturnal animal, this creation could be for whatever nocturnal animal the children wanted and could be made however desired. Here we have an owls nest […]
22nd November 2017

Year 1 Diversity Week

As part of our schools Diversity Week we discussed our own families, we found out where we come from and how different our families are. By the end of the session we had learnt that all families are different and […]
22nd November 2017

Year 1 French Day

As part of our whole school French Day Year 1 did maths only answering in French, we learnt numbers and made our own straw Eiffel Tower What is huit + douze = ?
24th November 2017

University for Children’s Fashion Club 

Today in University for Children’s Fashion Club we tie-dyed some pillow cases, last week we tied them and today we dyed them and next week we are going to use fabric pens to draw our planned design on them. We […]
29th November 2017

Year 1 Geography Rain Gauge

As part of our geography learning we have made a rain gauge, we have put it outside and we are going to measure the rainfall between now and the Christmas holidays. We will record the amount fallen on a regular […]
1st December 2017

Outside fun in FS1

The children in FS1 have lots of fun when they come to school. Here are some photos of the different things they get up to.    
25th January 2018

Year 2 using sponging and charcoal to produce a pirate ship inspired piece of artwork

31st January 2018

Year 3 Maths Measuring

Year 3 have been learning how to measure the volume and capacity of objects. To do this they have had to make their own measuring bottle with a scale in ml and l.  Their approach to problem solving was outstanding […]