FHC Canon of Literature

We know how powerful books are for opening children’s eyes to the world around them. The right books can help children to build their imagination, to explore their sense of self and compassion for others.

Reading regularly also helps children to connect with literature as an adventure into a world they do not inhabit day to day. It lets them see lives that are different to their own, explore concepts and experiences that they may never have and most importantly helps them to understand that there is a whole world out there full of interest and difference and that is their to explore.

Our Canon of Literature targets a range of texts in every yeargroup from Nursery- Yr6 that we feel children will benefit from experiencing throughout their journey. Whether this is a shared story in class, a free reader or dramatisation of a story, children will be led through the stories and encouraged to think about and reflect on their themes.

This approach helps children to build a store of ideas and vocabulary that they would perhaps not hear in everyday life. In turn this supports their imaginative writing- which is a fabulous side effect. Mostly we just want them to know that books are a doorway into another world and a special opportunity to see the world through another’s eyes.

Our Canon of Literature is new for 20-21. It is a work in progress and I thanks the staff and parents who have contributed ideas to make this a diverse and representative as it can be. we will be reviewing it each year to ensure that key new authors are considered.

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