17th November 2016

World War One trenches

Year six had great fun planning, building and evaluating their model trenches this week
17th November 2016

An unexpected UFO landing

Did you hear about the UFO landing in our hall? Year 1 made great detectives and investigated all the clues.
17th November 2016

Goldilocks and the three bears

Learning in FS1 has been inspired by activities linked to our theme of the three bears. Maths activities have included looking at sets of three objects and recording the numeral 3 using whiteboards. Sorting into sets is an important mathematical […]
17th November 2016

Autumn Walk

To mark the start of the new novel study book, Y2 had a wonderful walk to notice signs of Autumn.
17th November 2016

Scrap metal

6th December 2016

The Leaf Man

The children in FS2 have spent the last half term reading the beautifully illustrated book, The Leaf Man. As part of our learning, the children made their own transient art work using the treasures they collected on their family walk last […]
25th January 2017

Year 6 Macbeth Battle

To launch our new novel, year 6 acted out the Battle on the Heath from Act 1 Scene 2 of the play Macbeth by Shakespeare!
8th February 2017

Year 6 Banquet

The children in year 6 were treated like royalty in literacy today!  We held the banquet from our class text Macbeth and the children drank from goblets and were served delicious snacks!  Miss op den Brouw (acting as Macbeth) started to […]
5th June 2017

Year 6 Poetry

Year 6 are creating black-out poems by choosing strong, effective words from a section of our class novel Trash and colouring in the unwanted words.         
23rd March 2018

Year 6 Drama

Year 6 have been news reporters this week!  We have finished our Novel Study text Macbeth and so we reporting about events at the end of the play!