Class Breakfast

We know that feeling safe, happy and full is the best way to approach a day of learning. We know some children struggle to have a good enough breakfast in busy morning getting ready for school . We also know that children burn through calories quickly and so breakfast becomes a distant memory as the morning progresses.

So…. we have partnered with the lovely Greggs Foundation to provide a daily breakfast (second breakfast) for every child in our setting every day!

We see it as a top up to make sure they are fuelled and ready to learn.

The breakfast is a free offer that children can opt into daily as they feel. each class receives a tray with:

  • enough toast for every child
  • Cubes of cheese
  • Fruit
  • Juice and water
  • Jam and lemon curd

all dietary needs are taken into account. Spread is dairy free and gluten free bread is available as required. We work with parents individually to identify options that will work for their children.

What children say about class breakfast at FHC:

I didn’t even know lemon curd existed- it’s my now favourite!

If you are hungry you can have more than one piece of toast and fruit but if you aren’t, you can just choose how much to have. I like it

I love cheese!!!

It’s nice to have breakfast with your friends

I used to get hungry before break-time because I eat breakfast at home very early. But now it’s ok I have toast at breakfast and sometimes I have leftover toast at break too!

We have a fruit bowl in class, so if you need a snack in the afternoon you can.

This project is subsidised by school and so is free to families.

We are proud of this offer and since it’s inception children have regularly fed back that it makes a difference to them and their learning.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the school office and they will be happy to help.