FS1 – Nursery

Welcome to our Nursery at Fieldhead Carr Primary School.

Please take a look at the video below and share it with your child. We look forward to welcoming your child into our wonderful setting.

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Mrs Garden – Primrose teacher

Nurturing and inspiring our youngest children is a real passion of mine. I love watching the children get lost in a story and creating imaginative and exciting play opportunities for children to help them develop and learn.  Empowering every child through sharing in their fascinations, using them as a starting point to further develop learning excites me as a practitioner. It enables every child to share a sense of identity and belonging and to learn essential skills through play for future success.  Away from school I love to get outdoors with my three children, go running and bake delicious treats for my friends and family.

FS1 Nursery Curriculum

Take a look at our children in action – learning through play

Books we will be reading in FS1

At Fieldhead Carr Primary School we work hard to promote a love of reading for all of our children. Please look out for our regular stay and read sessions and join us for our parent and child story sessions with the local library.

Things you can do to get you child ready for starting FS1

Have a look at the film clip of the setting on our Website with your child

Watch the video to remember what you saw and talk about it. what are they looking forward to doing at Nursery?

Read, talk and sing together

Read books, sing songs and nursery rhymes.

Practice the routine

Practice the morning routine – getting dressed, eating breakfast in time to leave.

Practice self-care skills

Practice using a cup, knife and fork, putting on and taking off a coat

Toilet training

Accidents happen when learning a new skill. We are fully equipped to support your child. Pack spare pants and a change of clothes to keep in Nursery. Practice using the potty or toilet, pulling down own pants.

Transition to Nursery

Effective transition to Nursery is essential to ensure that staff are able to build secure and strong relationships with families and children and to ease the transition into a new environment. To ensure an effective transition into Nursery, we will ask parents to join us with their child for a transition visit, during which we will show parents and children around the setting, introduce staff members and complete any admissions forms. Following this, we ask parents to join us for 3 stay and play sessions for up to an hour each time before leaving their child. Staggered starts individually programmed to meet you and your child’s needs, ensures that children are able to settle into Nursery at their own pace and feel happy and confident when they do begin their full sessions.