6th February 2018

Year 1 Safer Internet Day

Today we learnt about how to use the internet safely, we learnt with the help of Smartie the Penguin who taught us that before we tap and click… you need to stop and think… And tell someone. We used the […]
29th November 2017

Year 1 Geography Rain Gauge

As part of our geography learning we have made a rain gauge, we have put it outside and we are going to measure the rainfall between now and the Christmas holidays. We will record the amount fallen on a regular […]
24th November 2017

University for Children’s Fashion Club 

Today in University for Children’s Fashion Club we tie-dyed some pillow cases, last week we tied them and today we dyed them and next week we are going to use fabric pens to draw our planned design on them. We […]
22nd November 2017

Year 1 French Day

As part of our whole school French Day Year 1 did maths only answering in French, we learnt numbers and made our own straw Eiffel Tower What is huit + douze = ?
22nd November 2017

Year 1 Diversity Week

As part of our schools Diversity Week we discussed our own families, we found out where we come from and how different our families are. By the end of the session we had learnt that all families are different and […]
22nd November 2017

Year 1 Learning Log Homework

One part of Year 1’s learning log homework was to create a home for a nocturnal animal, this creation could be for whatever nocturnal animal the children wanted and could be made however desired. Here we have an owls nest […]
6th November 2017

Year 1 Novel Study 

Today we launched our new novel, The Owl who was afraid of the dark, we watched some videos about owls so we had a better understanding of them, then we looked at all the different species of owls there is […]
19th October 2017

Year 1 Black History Month

Today Year 1 celebrated Black History Month by learning about Kente fabric, weaving and printing. We looked at some real Kente cloth and looked at how it was made on a loom by weaving and had a go at designing […]
26th September 2017

Year 1 European Day of Languages

Today is the European Day of Languages and Year 1 has been learning about France, we have learnt to greet each other and count to 10 in French, we have taste tested French stick bread, croissants, pain au chocolat and […]
11th September 2017

Year 1 have been trying to solve a mystery!

Today Year 1 had to be super detectives, there was a mysterious mess in the hall and we had to look at the evidence and draw conclusions to what on earth might have happened! Here are some photos… What do […]
21st May 2017

Year 4 University of Children Graduation, at Leeds United

Year 4 have worked closely with Matt from Leeds United, we worked hard understanding our Fieldhead Factor and demonstrating them and because of this we were lucky enough to visit Elland Road to graduate, it was truly amazing and we […]
21st May 2017

Year 4 Blitz Artwork 

This term our topic is World War II and as part of the unit we have studied The Blitz. To depict this we produced some artwork, we mixed paint to make the background and made silhouettes to show the buildings […]
5th May 2017

Year 4 Science, Sound

Year 4 have been learning about sound in our science topic, we found out that sound is vibrations in the air (or water, or solids). So we made string telephones to test how well sound travels in different situations e.g. […]
16th March 2017

Year 4 D-Side Visit

D-Side visited us to come and talk to us about alcohol and peer pressure, we learnt about the different types of alcohol, how to deal with peer pressure and we even tried on ‘beer goggles’ to see how our vision […]
16th March 2017

Year 4 Bug Hunting 

In our science lessons we have been looking at habitats and we went into the school garden to find habitats and what might live there, here is what we found… What did you find?