17th November 2016


Y5 made parachutes this week. They were finding out about scientific fair tests.    
24th January 2017

Science in Year 5 – Making A Solar System

Today in science we were having a go at making our own version of the solar system to scale with the correct ratio of planet size and distance from the sun. We worked as a group to make the planets […]
31st January 2017

The Three Little Pigs materials investigation

In our science lessons this half term, Year 1 have been learning about Everday Materials. We have identified objects and their materials, hunted for different objects made from the same material and tested for magnetic materials too.  Today we completed […]
9th May 2017

Year 5 Science -conductors and insulators

Today in science we were looking at the definition in thermal conductors and insulators. We looked at ways in which we insulate our house and ourselves during the colder months. We then conducted and experiment to explore suitable material to […]
18th September 2018

Year 6 Science

Year 6 are classifying animals this afternoon!