Staff Wellbeing & Workload

To ensure that every child that comes to our school can ‘Love to Learn’ we ensure that staff wellbeing is a key priority in our school planning. Our staff wellbeing plan began during COVID ads a way to ensure all staff came through the experience healthy, happy and connected. We now set a plan .

As part of our whole team offer we:

-provide access to the Education Support Hotline which provides a wonderful range of ‘on demand’ services to support staff and their families

-host regular staff functions to ensure the team have chance to enjoy each other as individuals and so strengthen their support of each other as colleagues

– provide ‘Peer Coaching’ groups for every member of the team on a Monday to ensure no-one begins the week ‘unseen’ and there is a structure in place to look out for every individual in the team.

-Every member of the team has had Coaching training from an ICF accredited coach to ensure that the team ‘self-coaching’ tools in the staff room can be used effectively

-Ensure that wherever possible that staff can attend events such as Children’s assemblies for their own children in recognition of the commitment they make to the children in school

-Regular positive feedback on performance from SLT and Peers (including shout out’s from parents for a job well done)

-Performance management for every member of the school team (on an annual cycle)

-have Governors that provide well done treats and formal thank you’s as part of their monitoring of the school

For individuals (identified by SLT as a responsive provision) we:


-provide coaching 1-1 from an ICF accredited coach

-provide counselling from a clinical professional

-provide group supervision from a clinical professional

-provide 1-1 supervision from a Clinical professional

-provide line manager supervision

For teachers:

We have reviewed the working time directive as a team with teachers identifying things they want to continue to do to ensure the teaching is to their personal standard. We have identified and agreed the elements in which school provides time and support to ensure work-life balance (Last reviewed with teaching team Nov 23)

School will provide:

-report writing day release time

-a ‘Duvet Day’ to be taken at any time in the academic year

-on-request release time for Subject Leadership tasks

-on-request additional PPA in times where workload feels heavy and staff would like time to ‘get on top of things’

-staff need only attend 3 of the 15 school events in the year (rota created at the beginning of each academic year)

-Face to Face parents evening to take place in the school day with supply release provided so that all appointments can take place within the core hours of a school day

-SLT support with issues of timetabling, workload of staff management

-Half termly staff meeting given over to time for data and assessment so that staff can work together to check and input data in core time

-1 hour staff meetings

-1-1 coaching blocks for those who feel they would benefit from them

-In EYFS every member of the team is paid 1 hour weekly 3.15-4.15pm to attend an assessment session where staff work together to compline learning journals and have professional discussion regarding assessment and next steps

For the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher:

-clinical supervision

-Headspace and Yourspace provision