17th November 2016

Remembrance Day

Each class created a square to complete the wall hanging we recently displayed to commemorate Remembrance Day.  
17th November 2016

Goldilocks and the three bears

Learning in FS1 has been inspired by activities linked to our theme of the three bears. Maths activities have included looking at sets of three objects and recording the numeral 3 using whiteboards. Sorting into sets is an important mathematical […]
25th September 2017

FS1 are having lots of fun

We have been in school a few weeks now and the children in FS1 have settled really well. They are all exploring their classroom and making new friends. For some of these children this is the first time they have […]
22nd October 2017

FS1 have had a wonderful first half term

We’ve all had a fabulous first half term together. The children are so engaged in their learning and there’s such a lovely buzz about the place. Some photos from the last few weeks.  
1st December 2017

Outside fun in FS1

The children in FS1 have lots of fun when they come to school. Here are some photos of the different things they get up to.    
21st January 2018

Novel Study in FS1

The children in FS1 have started reading the book Dear Zoo. So far we have welcomed a retired guide dog, 3 puppies and 2 hamsters. The children listened very carefully and found out how the animals were cared for, what […]
6th February 2018

Fun in FS1

The children have been so busy this term. Here’s a few photos of all the fun we have had.  
23rd February 2018

Growing projects

Fs1 are really excited to be involved with two projects, the first is with Grow Your Own Potatoes. Earlier this week we prepared the seed potatoes and placed them on the tray to ‘chit’ them. The countdown is on until […]
6th March 2018

Planting day

The day has arrived, thank goodness the snow has gone. FS1 have planted the seed potatoes and made some signs telling people not to touch.
10th May 2018

Some of the happenings in FS1

We welcomed some new friends this term and we’re all having so much fun together. Here are some photos from the last few weeks.