Modern Foreign Languages

‘Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom.’ Roger Bacon

At Fieldhead Carr, we love to learn different languages! Our curriculum is designed to expose children to a range of languages and to give them an experience of speaking in languages other than English. We want our children to feel confident at trying something new and speaking words that feel unfamiliar to them. We want them to go to High School feeling confident and willing to learn a new language.

Our curriculum covers a range of languages including Italian, French and Spanish. The children start in EYFS learning how to say ‘hello’ in different languages. By the end of Reception they will have said ‘hello’ in 12 different languages! They will also learn different songs and rhymes in FS2 in languages other than English.

Moving into KS1, the children develop their greetings knowledge by learning how to say goodbye as well as hello. They will learn how to play games in different languages such as Simon Says and I Spy. In KS1 the children will start to build up some basic vocabulary knowledge in French, Spanish and Italian.

In KS2, the children continue to say hello, goodbye and how are you? In years 3 and 4 their focus language is Spanish; in years 5 and 6 their focus language is Italian. This enables the children to develop their vocabulary and to start to put words into short sentences.

We want MFL to be fun for all children – we encourage children to have a go at speaking in different languages and to build up their confidence at having a go!

Subject Progression Map