10th May 2018

Some of the happenings in FS1

We welcomed some new friends this term and we’re all having so much fun together. Here are some photos from the last few weeks.
16th March 2018

New school build

Some children from Foundation Stage had an exciting visit over to the new build. Once we made sure we were dressed for the occasion, we had a good look at the site and the building. Here are some photos of […]
12th March 2018

Tales Toolkit

The staff in FS1 and FS2 have been busy learning about the benefits of Tales Toolkit, a resource to aid language, creativity, social skills and story telling. Over the last few weeks we have been using the big bags in […]
6th March 2018

Planting day

The day has arrived, thank goodness the snow has gone. FS1 have planted the seed potatoes and made some signs telling people not to touch.
23rd February 2018

Growing projects

Fs1 are really excited to be involved with two projects, the first is with Grow Your Own Potatoes. Earlier this week we prepared the seed potatoes and placed them on the tray to ‘chit’ them. The countdown is on until […]
6th February 2018

Fun in FS1

The children have been so busy this term. Here’s a few photos of all the fun we have had.  
21st January 2018

Novel Study in FS1

The children in FS1 have started reading the book Dear Zoo. So far we have welcomed a retired guide dog, 3 puppies and 2 hamsters. The children listened very carefully and found out how the animals were cared for, what […]
1st December 2017

Outside fun in FS1

The children in FS1 have lots of fun when they come to school. Here are some photos of the different things they get up to.    
7th November 2017

Marvellous mark making in FS1

The children in FS1 have been enjoying making lots of mark recently. They are all proudly displayed on the washing line. Today they have enjoyed using the new tablet, with a press of a button the drawings disappear.    
22nd October 2017

Flying Start

Flying Start is our brand new, purpose built provision for 2 year olds. Children have access to a high quality, calm and rich environment which will allow them to be nurtured, happy and develop in all areas of the EYFS […]
22nd October 2017

FS1 have had a wonderful first half term

We’ve all had a fabulous first half term together. The children are so engaged in their learning and there’s such a lovely buzz about the place. Some photos from the last few weeks.  
25th September 2017

FS1 are having lots of fun

We have been in school a few weeks now and the children in FS1 have settled really well. They are all exploring their classroom and making new friends. For some of these children this is the first time they have […]
16th May 2017

Busy learners in FS2

Here are some photos of the amazing learners in FS2. ​​
3rd May 2017

FS2 visit Fieldhead Farm

We’ve had an exciting few days at Fieldhead Carr. The children in FS2 have been fascinated by the new additions to our farm and had chance for a closer look. They were all very excited to meet them.
24th March 2017

FieldED Carr fun for Red Nose Day

We’re having so much fun today dressing as Ed Sheeran and the adults as presenters of the show. This morning Lenny Henry and Jonathan Ross aka Mrs Vargasoff and Mrs Critchley, led assembly sharing videos of the teachers doing silly […]
22nd March 2017

Some recent fun in FS2

We’ve been really busy in FS2, here are some photos of the wonderful learning over the last few weeks. As you can see, there are some super learners in FS2. 
8th March 2017

Healthy eating afternoon in FS2

This afternoon we learned about making healthier choices. We spent time making fruit kebabs using grapes, pineapple, melon, kiwi, strawberry, peach, banana and mango.  Then Mrs Warner used a tin of chickpeas, lemon juice, oil and a clove of garlic […]
3rd March 2017

FS2 enjoy World Book Day

Thank you for joining us yesterday for a stay a play session. Here are the photos.
1st March 2017

Year Four

Year Four have arrived safely and already having a great time. Here they are during a night time walk. 
8th February 2017

E-safety assembly

This morning we showcased the e-safety activities that have taken place as part of Internet Safety day. Smartie the Penguin helped FS2 to understand “Before you click, click, click, you need to think, think, think and tell someone” Year 1 […]
7th February 2017

Safer Internet Day

Today is Safer Internet Day and at Fieldhead Carr we mark this day with a week of activities to support children in making safer choices when on-line. Different classes will be taking part in a variety of activities suited to […]
7th February 2017

PE games

Today the children demonstrated their listening and co-operation skills in PE. Using a variety of equipment, the children worked individually, pairs and groups to use it in interesting ways.
3rd February 2017

Fun in FS2

We’ve been so busy this week, reading words and unlocking padlocks, playing bingo and working out secret messages. Friday was number day and we enjoyed lots of fun number games, you can see them below. ​​
25th January 2017

Bee Bot and Big Trak

We have been playing with Bee bot this week, we’ve been finding out how to make it move around the treasure map. We quickly realised how important it was to clear memory or Bee bot would carry out every instruction […]
20th January 2017

Reading and writing game in FS2

This week th children enjoyed using the special UV lamp to read the words on pirate cards. They had to look at the cards, write the words in a list and then read them back.
19th January 2017

School expansion public consultation 

Drop in 2pm – 7pm Wednesday 1st February 2017 to see details of the proposed building plans. Your opinions matter to us.
6th January 2017

Pirates have arrived in FS2

Our new school term began with lots of excitement in FS2. The pirates have arrived and left lots of lovely activities to try. The mermaids left something very special too. Here are some photos of our first week back. Make […]
6th December 2016

The Leaf Man

The children in FS2 have spent the last half term reading the beautifully illustrated book, The Leaf Man. As part of our learning, the children made their own transient art work using the treasures they collected on their family walk last […]
17th November 2016

Scrap metal

17th November 2016

Autumn Walk

To mark the start of the new novel study book, Y2 had a wonderful walk to notice signs of Autumn.
17th November 2016

Goldilocks and the three bears

Learning in FS1 has been inspired by activities linked to our theme of the three bears. Maths activities have included looking at sets of three objects and recording the numeral 3 using whiteboards. Sorting into sets is an important mathematical […]
17th November 2016

African Art

Y4 used their artistic skills to create representations of African Art. Supported by our Artist-in-residence; Miss Coomber, the class created superb art work which is proudly displayed in class.
17th November 2016

An unexpected UFO landing

Did you hear about the UFO landing in our hall? Year 1 made great detectives and investigated all the clues.
17th November 2016

The new stage

Oh my! Look at our new stage! I’m sooooo excited! Can’t wait for our Christmas Concert this year. Thank you Friends of Fieldhead. Mrs Critchley.  
17th November 2016

World War One trenches

Year six had great fun planning, building and evaluating their model trenches this week
17th November 2016

Sports Hall Challenge

Yesterday Fieldhead Carr competed against two other schools in heat 1 of the School Sports Hall Challenge. We had a brilliant afternoon and I was so proud to see great sportsmanship. Every competitor gave their best and I’m delighted to […]