12th March 2018

Year 3’s World Book Day

We all had a fabulous time on our long awaited World Book Day celebrations. Everyone’s costumes looked amazing and a special thank you to the parents that joined us in our reading at the beginning of the day.  
4th March 2018

Making a country!!

in our geography lessons we have been making salt dough maps of the United Kingdom. By examining relief maps we have been able to add key mountain ranges and label the countries and seas.  Our next step is to look […]
4th March 2018

World of work week

Thank you to our world of work visitors. We really enjoyed your visits and you were able to answer all our questions.   H  
4th March 2018

Year 3 visit the Jewish Heritage Museum

A fabulous time was had at the Jewish Heritage Centre learning about aspects of the Jewish faith.  We put all our learning into practice on our return to school when we wrote fabulous recounts about our trip.  
4th February 2018

Making Maya foods in Design & Technology

As part of our Maya civilisation topic we have been identifying the foods that Maya people would have eaten. As well as tasting and smelling these foods we had a go at making two foods that use these ingredients, corn […]
31st January 2018

Year 3 Maths Measuring

Year 3 have been learning how to measure the volume and capacity of objects. To do this they have had to make their own measuring bottle with a scale in ml and l.  Their approach to problem solving was outstanding […]
11th October 2017

Making tunnels

We are at the start of writing our own stories where our main characters go through a tunnel and find themselves in the Stone Age.  Our first step was to make a tunnel and we then drew our settings.  We […]
11th October 2017

Making Stonehenge

Together year three have re created Stonehenge.  We learnt that the horizontal stones were put together using joints that were just like Lego bricks.  
7th October 2017

Creating fossils

This week in science we have been exploring how fossils are made by using bread and gummy bears.  The bread acted as sedimentary rock layers and the gummy bears were animals trapped inside the rocks.  We then applied pressure to […]
27th September 2017

Year 3 explore Belgium

As part of our European Day of Languages year 3 were given the French speaking country of Belgium to explore.  We started with a fact finding game where we learnt about all about the country including that the dreaded Brussel […]
24th September 2017

Cave paintings

On Friday year 3 got busy making Stone Age cave paintings after we had read the brilliant story The First Drawing. The results look brilliant.    
21st September 2017

Identifying the properties of rocks

We have been testing different types of rocks to see which one we would choose to use for a statue.  We tested the durability, permeability and density of each rock. Overall the class voted for granite or marble as their […]
17th September 2017

Year 3 become archaeologists

To launch our new topic Stone Age to the Iron Age all of year 3 experienced one of the ways that history is discovered,  by digging up and carefully cleaning artefacts from our school grounds.  The objects raised questions for […]
10th September 2017

Meeting Penny in Animal club

Our first session in animal club saw us meeting Penny the tortoise who normally lives with FS1.  luckily for us one of our club had looked after Penny over the school holidays so she was able to share her knowledge […]
10th September 2017

A new novel for year 3

Last week year 3 explored a tunnel that had appeared in school only to find their new novel at the end if it!  Everyone was very brave entering the tunnel and there was a lot of great teamwork.  
5th July 2017

Healthy schools week

Here are some of the activities that year 3 have been getting up to in healthy schools week so far. Tasting herbs to help us understand how they can create flavour in our food. We we have looked at the […]
5th July 2017

First Aid learning

Year 3 worked with a  St John’s ambulance trainer yesterday.  We are now prepared for any medical emergency.  
1st May 2017

Year 3 creative writing

We are writing character descriptions of evil grannies inspired by Roald Dahl’s description of the grumpy grandma in George’s Marvellous Medicine. In our writing planning lesson we were so creative sharing our ideas about what to write. I can’ t […]
1st May 2017

Year 3 science

Our new science topic is rocks and soils. We have started by identifying if rocks are man made or natural. We then sorted rocks classifying them as igneous, metamorphic or sedimentary.  If you have any interesting rocks at home please […]