E-safety assembly

This morning we showcased the e-safety activities that have taken place as part of Internet Safety day.

Smartie the Penguin helped FS2 to understand “Before you click, click, click, you need to think, think, think and tell someone”

Year 1 learned all about Digiduck’s Big Decision 

Year 2 watched Hector’s Adventures

Year 3 have started to watch the ‘Play Like Share’ episodes and created a ‘circle of support’ to help them to identify people who could help if they ever felt worried or scared about anything they see online.

Year 4 had an honest discussion about what they do online. They shared ideas of how to make safer choices.

Year 5 looked at the use of images online and how quickly they can spread. They also matched emojis to the emotion and designed their own.

Year 6 also used emojis, this time they were used to give messages about keeping yourself safe and what to do if you felt worried, scared or embarrassed by something you’ve seen or read on-line.

Make sure to check other posts about Safer Internet day and look out for the letter coming home on Friday.

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