24th May 2018

Year 6 Trip

Year 6 have been to Leeds City Museum today!
14th June 2018

Year 6 PE

Year 6 enjoyed getting ready for Sports Day yesterday afternoon!
19th June 2018

Year 6 Enterprises

Today Year 6 did their sales pitches to ask for £25 to set up their business.  All groups were very impressive and have been granted their start-up funds!
5th July 2018

Year 6 Problem Solving

Year 6 were getting competitive this morning, working in teams to find all 10 parts of the code!
6th September 2018

Year 6 enjoyed decorating their ‘wish fish’ for the whole school art display this afternoon!
18th September 2018

Year 6 Science

Year 6 are classifying animals this afternoon!