31st January 2018

Year 3 Maths Measuring

Year 3 have been learning how to measure the volume and capacity of objects. To do this they have had to make their own measuring bottle with a scale in ml and l.  Their approach to problem solving was outstanding […]
30th January 2018

Year 6 Maths

Year 6 have been learning about volume today in maths.  We used small cubes to build larger shapes and then calculated their volume.  We then found out the formula for volume!
25th January 2018

Year 2 using sponging and charcoal to produce a pirate ship inspired piece of artwork

22nd January 2018

Year 6 Geography

This afternoon, year 6 have been using 4 and 6 figure grid references to find locations of Anglo-Saxon sites on maps of Yorkshire!
21st January 2018

Novel Study in FS1

The children in FS1 have started reading the book Dear Zoo. So far we have welcomed a retired guide dog, 3 puppies and 2 hamsters. The children listened very carefully and found out how the animals were cared for, what […]
11th January 2018

Year 6 Maths

On Wednesday year 6 were applying their ratio learning in maths to some tricky problems!