29th November 2017

Year 1 Geography Rain Gauge

As part of our geography learning we have made a rain gauge, we have put it outside and we are going to measure the rainfall between now and the Christmas holidays. We will record the amount fallen on a regular […]
24th November 2017

University for Children’s Fashion Club 

Today in University for Children’s Fashion Club we tie-dyed some pillow cases, last week we tied them and today we dyed them and next week we are going to use fabric pens to draw our planned design on them. We […]
22nd November 2017

Year 1 French Day

As part of our whole school French Day Year 1 did maths only answering in French, we learnt numbers and made our own straw Eiffel Tower What is huit + douze = ?
22nd November 2017

Year 1 Diversity Week

As part of our schools Diversity Week we discussed our own families, we found out where we come from and how different our families are. By the end of the session we had learnt that all families are different and […]
22nd November 2017

Year 1 Learning Log Homework

One part of Year 1’s learning log homework was to create a home for a nocturnal animal, this creation could be for whatever nocturnal animal the children wanted and could be made however desired. Here we have an owls nest […]
20th November 2017

French Day – Year 6

Year 6 are enjoying their French day!  We have played bingo with French numbers, completed a maths crossword and have also learned about the geography of France!
12th November 2017

World of Work

On Friday, year 6 were joined by 9 lawyers.  We spent the day thinking about our aspirations and our career paths.
7th November 2017

Marvellous mark making in FS1

The children in FS1 have been enjoying making lots of mark recently. They are all proudly displayed on the washing line. Today they have enjoyed using the new tablet, with a press of a button the drawings disappear.    
6th November 2017

Year 1 Novel Study 

Today we launched our new novel, The Owl who was afraid of the dark, we watched some videos about owls so we had a better understanding of them, then we looked at all the different species of owls there is […]