27th September 2017

Year 3 explore Belgium

As part of our European Day of Languages year 3 were given the French speaking country of Belgium to explore.  We started with a fact finding game where we learnt about all about the country including that the dreaded Brussel […]
26th September 2017

Year 1 European Day of Languages

Today is the European Day of Languages and Year 1 has been learning about France, we have learnt to greet each other and count to 10 in French, we have taste tested French stick bread, croissants, pain au chocolat and […]
26th September 2017

European Day of Languages – Year 6

Year 6 had a great afternoon!  Our country for the afternoon was Luxembourg; the children found out facts about this country and then created their own quizzes!  They also demonstrated their French skills writing sentences about the weather and in […]
25th September 2017

FS1 are having lots of fun

We have been in school a few weeks now and the children in FS1 have settled really well. They are all exploring their classroom and making new friends. For some of these children this is the first time they have […]
24th September 2017

Cave paintings

On Friday year 3 got busy making Stone Age cave paintings after we had read the brilliant story The First Drawing. The results look brilliant.    
21st September 2017

Identifying the properties of rocks

We have been testing different types of rocks to see which one we would choose to use for a statue.  We tested the durability, permeability and density of each rock. Overall the class voted for granite or marble as their […]
21st September 2017

Year 6 Maths

Year 6 have been problem solving this afternoon!  
17th September 2017

Year 3 become archaeologists

To launch our new topic Stone Age to the Iron Age all of year 3 experienced one of the ways that history is discovered,  by digging up and carefully cleaning artefacts from our school grounds.  The objects raised questions for […]
12th September 2017

Year 6 High School Choices

Apply for secondary poster V6Frequently Asked Questions 2018 v2 Here is some useful information about applying for High School places for the children in year 6.
11th September 2017

Year 1 have been trying to solve a mystery!

Today Year 1 had to be super detectives, there was a mysterious mess in the hall and we had to look at the evidence and draw conclusions to what on earth might have happened! Here are some photos… What do […]
10th September 2017

Meeting Penny in Animal club

Our first session in animal club saw us meeting Penny the tortoise who normally lives with FS1.  luckily for us one of our club had looked after Penny over the school holidays so she was able to share her knowledge […]
10th September 2017

A new novel for year 3

Last week year 3 explored a tunnel that had appeared in school only to find their new novel at the end if it!  Everyone was very brave entering the tunnel and there was a lot of great teamwork.  
10th September 2017

Year 6 Maths

Year 6 enjoyed their first maths lesson using number cards to work out how many of the 10,000 tokens would fit into 10,000,000!