7th July 2017

Year 6 and Year 2 First Aid

Year 6 had a lovely afternoon this week teaching year 2 all about First Aid!  In our own workshop with a member of St John’s Ambulance, we learned about how to deal with different injuries and how to perform CPR! […]
6th July 2017

Healthy Schools week

Year 1 enjoyed tasting lots of different fruits this morning provided by Ella Rose’s mum and dad – THANKYOU so much! We tried; apples, gala melon, froggie melon, avocado, passion fruit, apricots, physalis, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, red grapes, green grapes, […]
5th July 2017

Healthy schools week

Here are some of the activities that year 3 have been getting up to in healthy schools week so far. Tasting herbs to help us understand how they can create flavour in our food. We we have looked at the […]
5th July 2017

First Aid learning

Year 3 worked with a  St John’s ambulance trainer yesterday.  We are now prepared for any medical emergency.  
3rd July 2017

Healthy School’s Week – Year 6

This morning year 6 revised the Balanced Food Plate by playing Bingo!  They then designed their own healthy meal for school lunches next year.  It made us all hungry!