22nd October 2017

Flying Start

Flying Start is our brand new, purpose built provision for 2 year olds. Children have access to a high quality, calm and rich environment which will allow them to be nurtured, happy and develop in all areas of the EYFS […]
22nd October 2017

FS1 have had a wonderful first half term

We’ve all had a fabulous first half term together. The children are so engaged in their learning and there’s such a lovely buzz about the place. Some photos from the last few weeks.  
19th October 2017

Year 1 Black History Month

Today Year 1 celebrated Black History Month by learning about Kente fabric, weaving and printing. We looked at some real Kente cloth and looked at how it was made on a loom by weaving and had a go at designing […]
19th October 2017

House construction in Year 4

Year 4 have been designing and constructing houses this week. we have built a structure using Knex and then used paper to create the walls and floors of the building. Some impressive construction work!
18th October 2017

Year 6 Residential – Having Fun!

18th October 2017

Year 6 Residential – Being Prepared!

Before any trip the children had to collect all their equipment and gather in their team room.  They also had to read maps!
18th October 2017

Year 6 Residential – Getting wet!

The weather was kind to us on occasions last week, however we still spent a lot of our time feeling a bit wet!
18th October 2017

Year 6 Residential – Food!

The children loved the food last week, from the cooked breakfasts, packed lunches and hot dinners.  We even enjoyed the army style food in the barn!
18th October 2017

Year 6 Residential – A night in the barn!

On Tuesday and Wednesday night, each group had the chance to take part in an expedition.  They walked to a remote barn (carrying all their clothes and food) and spent the night in sleeping bags!
18th October 2017

Year 6 Residential – Children showing off their artistic skills!

Whilst in Wales, the children showed off their artistic skills through wild art, singing, dancing and even a bit of magic!
15th October 2017

Year 6 Residential

Year 6 had an amazing time in Wales this week!  They took part in lots of activities including canoeing, abseiling, scrambling and rock climbing!  Pictures will be added to the blog later this week!
11th October 2017

Making tunnels

We are at the start of writing our own stories where our main characters go through a tunnel and find themselves in the Stone Age.  Our first step was to make a tunnel and we then drew our settings.  We […]
11th October 2017

Making Stonehenge

Together year three have re created Stonehenge.  We learnt that the horizontal stones were put together using joints that were just like Lego bricks.  
7th October 2017

Creating fossils

This week in science we have been exploring how fossils are made by using bread and gummy bears.  The bread acted as sedimentary rock layers and the gummy bears were animals trapped inside the rocks.  We then applied pressure to […]
4th October 2017

Year 2 Immersion in Literacy

Today year 2 were gathering ideas for their immersion task in literacy, using the pictures around the hall to inspire their immagination and give them some inspiration for tomorrow’s plan and Fridays draft. We loved moving round the hall in […]