Coronavirus Updates

As a team we are all working together to ensure that our school if a safe place for all our children, families and staff. As part of this process it is essential that we are vigilant for the signs and symptoms of COVID.

In times of high local transmission rates please consider

  • Please wear masks at pick up and drop off – if you cannot wear a masks, please consider a visor as they are a bit easier to wear
  • Wherever possible- only one person per family to do pick up and drop off
  • Please maintain 2m+ social distancing when waiting to collect your children
  • Please contact the office by phone/text or email wherever possible rather than popping in
  • Please go around the outside of the fence if you need to drop a child at a different gate (siblings)
  • Latecomers- if you arrive after the gates close, please come to the school office and press the buzzer, staff will then arrange to open the appropriate gates for you. Please try and be on time, this will be logistically quite difficult

What to look out for- COVID symptoms

If your child presents with:

  • A high temperature
  • A persistent cough
  • Loss of sense of taste or smell

What to do if your child presents with these symptoms?

  • Keep your child at home until they no longer have symptoms
  • Contact the school office to make them aware that it is a suspected COVID case
  • Test if this is possible

*siblings with no symptoms may continue to attend school as normal

What will happen if there are multiple cases in one class

what home learning will be available to my child as they recover from symptoms?

Finally… all that is important in his time of crisis is that our school family stays safe and well. Please ask for help and advice if you are worried about anything. We are here to help

 Contact the school office on or on 0113 2930226